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Introduction to SEM

School of Economic and Management (SEM) consists of four teaching and research sections: management science, sport economy, information management, computer and statistics. An educational structure has been formed including one sport doctoral program, two sport master’s degree programs, and three sport undergraduate programs.

There are total 39 full-time teachers in our school. Among of them, 21 teachers have doctoral degree. There are 9 professors, 17 associate professors; 5 doctoral advisors and 15 master’s advisors. In recent years, we have successfully been granted the major project of national social science fund: Research on China's Public Sports Service System--- Based on the Service-Oriented Government and Sports Power Construction led by professor Dai Jian. Huang Haiyan’s doctoral thesis was also rated as “National Top 100 Outstanding Doctor's Academic Dissertation 2011 ".

SEM now has 3 Shanghai excellent courses and 4 Shanghai key courses as well as 2 laboratories subjecting in sport information management and sport marketing. In addition, ten pieces of our students’ works of science and technology have won awards in national and municipal "Challenge Cup"

In recent years, our teachers have hosted 134 projects of sport management including 11 National subjects and 38 provincial projects; the total funding has already exceeded 12 million yuan. The achievements up to now include 13 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Awards, 22 academic monographs and textbooks, 7 papers published on SSCI and 5 in EI magazines. Meanwhile, our school has launched a number of international cooperative researches with Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Florida.

Carrying out many researches around the established direction, the research teams in SEM have hosted and completed the project “Chinese sports and related industry statistical research" from General Administration of Sport, which filled the blank in this field of our country. We also hosted and completed many key researches such as "eleventh five-year plan" and" twelfth five-year plan" projects of the development of national sports industry.

In order to have a closer contact with society and improve the level of discipline construction, SEM established “Sport Event Research Center", the key research base of Humanities and Social Science Research in Shanghai Universities; built "Shanghai Sports Lottery Research Center” together with Shanghai Sports Lottery Management Center; and became the linked units of “China Sports Science Society Sports Industry Branch ", which made a positive contribution to our country’s sports management and development.

The successful bid for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the trend of socialization and industrialization of sports in China provide SEM with a good opportunity and external environment for its development. With the help of the influence of Shanghai University of Sport, we give full play to our own advantages; widely participate in sports business management practice; establish close cooperative relationship with sports administrative institutions, social organizations, and enterprises; and cultivate high-level practical talents so as to make School of Economic Management up to a higher stage in terms of teachers' team, discipline construction, and teaching work etc.

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